Authorised Dealer of the Year 2017

Meet the ADS Family


ADS has been established since 1985 and is run by Father and son Frank and David Massey.

ADS are proud to be independent and offer a comprehensive care package for your Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT Skoda vehicle including servicing, Diagnostics, performance tuning and much more.

Frank who is one of the UK’s leading experts in vehicle Diagnostics with over 40 years industry experience who is renowned in the motor industry for his unrivalled expertise and knowledge.

Frank was also the first independent technician to achieve the very first National accreditation scheme for vehicle technicians at Master technician level. Frank Also holds the fellowship of the motor Industry (IMI), the highest grade of membership of the motor industry professional association, which governs the ATA scheme.

Frank’s son David, who now runs the business who has accumulated over 15 years experience takes ADS customer service to the next level and together offer a wealth of over 60 years combined experience.

David has also taken the company in exciting new directions such as performance tuning and is the go to man for ECU remapping and economy improvements for Turbo diesel and Turbo petrol cars.

As a valued customer of ADS we strive to offer you the very highest levels of customer service.

When you hand over your keys to our technicians you can rest assured that you and your vehicle are in the safe hands of professional technicians in the cleanest and safest environment in our state of the art workshop.

We offer a truly unique experience and friendly alternative to the main dealer at a fraction of the cost with access to full dealership software including VW, Audi, SEAT, Skoda, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Volvo, Jaguar.

The Team

Frank Massey

Frank Massey

Senior director

Frank Massey, a man who need little introduction. A legend amongst technicians and respected throughout our known galaxy. As Frank is away globetrotting preaching to the western civilization about component functionality and current paths within a circuit, He can now enjoy a less hands on role within the business and now spends all of his spare time cleaning and moving other people’s stuff around so we can‘t find them and then denying the whole thing. It’s a fun game especially when you’re busy. We love him really, especially when we have a diagnostic emergency or a sudden outbreak of dust.

  • Joined ADS ‘pre-dates all known records and carbon dating’
  • Nickname ‘Dad’
  • Hobbies ‘Moving things so nobody can find them’
  • Likes ‘Cleaning’
  • Dislikes ‘micro dust particles’
  • Favourite food ‘Steak and chips’
  • Favourite Drink ‘Liquid nitrogen’
  • Thinks ‘About returning to his home planet one day’
  • Wishes ‘He’d had a daughter’
Annette Parkinson

Annette Parkinson

Training Manager (Director)

Our very own Lovely Annette!! One could quite easily run out of superlatives to say about Annette until she opens her mouth and answers back.

Annette has recently been promoted to company director and it’s down to her continued hard work, loyalty and dedication. Annette is the girl pulling all the strings and always keeps ADS on an even keel. Adored and respected by everyone, especially us.

  • Joined ADS ‘2008 bc’
  • Nickname ‘Netty’
  • Hobbies ‘Talking about food’
  • Likes ‘Eating’
  • Dislikes ‘Idiots’
  • Favourite food ‘Thai food’
  • Favourite Tipple ‘Anything by the bottle’
  • Thinks ‘she is the boss’
  • Wishes ‘For a pay rise’
Glyn James Arthur

Glyn James Arthur


Glyn-bob!! What a guy! What he lacks in confidence he makes up in enthusiasm. He now basically tackles all the jobs nobody else wants. This includes talking engines out of V10 RS6 and timing chains on Audi R8‘s, the list goes on and on. This man is a workaholic and gets annoyed when he has nothing to do, would literally work until his arms fell off and even then he would use his face to finish the job. in fact, we’re pretty sure he’s not even human, with what he eats we’re all just surprised he’s still alive.

  • Joined ADS ‘2014’
  • Nickname ‘Glyn Bob’
  • Hobbies ‘Working’
  • Likes ‘Talking’
  • Dislikes ‘Not Working’
  • Favourite food ‘Anything Processed and the colour beige’
  • Favourite Drink ‘Stella’
  • Thinks ‘Too much’
  • Wishes ‘To be more like Dave’

David Stringer

Workshop Manager

David is our newest member of the Team and he is just as bit as crazy as the rest. David is our super organised workshop manager, here to be the link between technician & customer. Despite his tattooed, tall, bearded exterior he is our friendly giant here to make sure your repair goes smoothly.

  • Joined ADS June 2018
  • Nickname- Big D
  • Hobbies ‘Chasing small people down beanstalks’
  • Likes- grinding bones to make his bread & Sugar Free Polo’s
  • Dislikes ‘People called Jack, Banter & Baseball caps’
  • Favourite food ‘Magic beans’
  • Favourite Tipple ‘Becks Blu”
  • Thinks he can drink

Wishes he had a 1 bedroom flat on the moon

Dave Massey

Dave Massey

‘The Boss’

Dave is undoubtedly the genius behind the recent growth and success of ADS. Dave is responsible for all the performance tuning and web development that goes on. By my own admission a wonderful chap to work for and I’m sure all the staff would whole heartily agree, especially on fat Fridays when he buys them all KFC and takes them for a beer.

  • Nickname ‘Swede’
  • Hobbies Winding his dad up
  • Likes ‘Playing Golf’
  • Dislikes ‘Tall people’
  • Favourite food ‘Anything locally sourced’
  • Favourite Tipple ‘Makers mark, lime, Ginger beer’
  • Thinks ‘He’s James bond’
  • Wishes ‘He was just a bit taller’
Peter Bennie

Peter Bennie

Workshop Manager

Peter, Peter, peter what can I say about peter apart from he has a bauld head and is a bloody good mechanic. He would argue he is the best. I’ve known Peter since high school where we were best buddies, nothing has changed for 20 years. Peter is the main man and the king pin who is now responsible for running the workshop day to day.

  • Joined ADS ‘2013’
  • Nickname ‘Baldy’
  • Hobbies ‘Listening to RnB’
  • Likes ‘polishing his head’
  • Dislikes ‘Being told what to do’
  • Favourite food ’Anything processed and without flavour’
  • Favourite Drink ‘Cider’
  • Thinks ‘He’s the boss’
  • Wishes ‘He was the boss
Scotty Robertson

Scotty Robertson

Performance advisor

Scotty ‘Scoobs’ Robertson – The silky-smooth voice of ADS. Scott is our very own performance specialist who is here to advise and guide you through your vehicle performance upgrades. Scott’s knowledge on both VAG & BMW systems is to be admired- Just don’t ask him about his own project cars…It’s a sore subject.

  • Joined ADS August 2016
  • Nickname ‘Braveheart’
  • Hobbies ‘Polishing his car’
  • Likes ‘Haggis’
  • Dislikes ‘The English’
  • Favourite food ’Battered Mars bars’
  • Favourite Drink ‘Iron Bru’
  • Thinks He’s Paul Walker’
  • Wishes ‘He wasn’t ginger

Badar Patel

Diagnostic Technician

Badar has been a friend of ADS for many years. Formally the owner of Enginostics we have brought Badar on board to assist with all our diagnostic repairs. His electrical knowledge and skill is extremely impressive, and he is a fantastic asset to ADS- just don’t ask him to fit mud flaps to T5’s.

  • Joined ADS on continued probation
  • Nickname-Budda
  • Hobbies- chinning
  • Likes- His L200
  • Dislikes- Scott
  • Favourite food- at least 40g a day of protein
  • Favourite Tipple- Hot chocolate with extra sugar
  • Thinks it’s an ECU Fault
  • Wishes he still worked for himself

Get in touch


4 Pechell St,

01772 201 597

10:50 11 Sep 19
Quality customer service and top class workmanship. Very friendly, reliable and honest, at reasonable rates. A real goldmine of a find. I will not take my Audi TT anywhere else, I have now found somewhere that I can trust. Thank you to all the team at ADSread more
paul whiteside
paul whiteside
13:46 15 Jul 19
I took my 1998 audi 80 cabriolet to ADS with a faulty electric hood. I had previously searched Google and many audi forums to find a solution. I left the car with ADS hoping they would be able to find the fault and repair it. Talk about going above and beyond,their diagnostic man Dave took a 160 odd page document home and read it from cover to cover in his own time to get an understanding of how the hood worked and the wiring diagram. Thankfully the time spend doing this help him find the fault and repair it. I would not hesitate to use ADS again. Great customer more
Dane Sanderson
Dane Sanderson
16:40 18 Jun 19
Can only agree with all the previous reviews, took my vw transporter in today for a remap and the difference is amazing. On top of that never been into a more friendly or helpful garage, would recommend to more
Stephen Valassakis
Stephen Valassakis
14:48 24 May 19
Great service and great price with a friendly, professional team! Recently brought my VW Golf there with a major electrical issue. ADS automative sorted it out in less than 24 hours at a great price with permanent results using there thermal imaging technology. Would recommend to anyone looking for automotive help. I will definitely be using the team in the future for my automotive and MOT needs! Thanks guysread more
Peter Ball
Peter Ball
06:59 26 Apr 19
Stuck on the M6 with a family of 4, no VW dealership would help us out. ADS came to the rescue and stayed open late to sort out the issues. 5 star results from a great bunch of guys - THANK YOU!!!read more
22:02 24 Apr 19
Fantastic professional experience with these guys. Booked a remap in yesterday, done today within 3 hours! Extra 36bhp and more torque and a bacon butty thrown in 😁 happily recommend to more
Mark Earnshaw
Mark Earnshaw
02:36 05 Apr 19
Fantastic service, very welcoming and efficient. ADS demonstrates what customer care is all about and I will certainly be using them in the more
Glenn Stephenson
Glenn Stephenson
13:32 29 Jan 19
Thank you ADS for an efficient, rapid service with a knowledgeable and friendly team. I recently bought an Audi A3 e-tron from a dealer in Derby and had it checked with a local Audi main dealer, both issuing incorrect reports after "health checks". After ADS work, the car is fixed and is now like new with no problems. more
Paul Sharples
Paul Sharples
21:13 13 Jan 19
Took my BMW 116d down for remapping and health check after a recommendation. The service I received was second to none, guys kept me fully informed throughout the process. Facilities were spotless and looked amazing. At the end of the day I got back my remapped car with amazing performance and full explanations of what they had done. Great place, highly recommend and my new place for anything car related. I may not have handed over a 30, 40 or 50 grand car for them to work with but they treated me as if I had and gave a real personal touch, Thanks guys ..... 5 stars 🌟 Iread more
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