Coming soon into the workshop we have the most powerful Audi production car ever built the impressive C6 RS6 5.0ltr V10 twin turbo about to undertake a full ADS automotive stage 3 conversion taking her to over a whopping 900bhp !!

This project will include

  • TTE Uprated Turbos
  • modified Air Intake
  • Uprated Filters
  • Custom 3″ Down pipes with 100 cell cats
  • Milltek Catback
  • Custom Engine software
  • Custom Gearbox software


rs6 900

milltek back Milltek OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA rs6 tte turbos satin trims tte rs6

More information about the hardware

ADS project 900 turbos Performance Upgrade Turbochargers RS6 C6 V10

The RS6 C6 with its 5.0 V10 Bi-Turbo engine and 580 PS is the most powerful Audi series production engine to date. Our TTE850+ turbochargers will push the V10 to beyond 850PS with ease. Some tuners like KSF Motorsport and MRC Tuning have seen results at over 900PS+ making these hybrid RS6 upgrade turbochargers the biggest maybe available anywhere, yet still totally Plug & Play. Power level reserved only for true hyper cars and still remaining perfect for driving to go get your family shopping, not loosing any drivability.

Engineered & Enhanced

The formula to making a TTE850+ starts with a much larger forged milled billet compressor wheel, chosen because is highly efficient, new generation type with ultra thin blades, creating extremely high flow for comparative size, giving a compressor map that’s very wide. TTE850+ Yield a maximum air flow rate of 615litres a second Vs stock of 500 (estimated). The intake pipes included with this upgrade has been CNC milled and hand finished to match and smooth the transition to the larger compressor inlet opening to lower turbulence and maximise velocity.

We also give the stock turbines a special curved clip, a grinding process to the turbine blade tips, curved to alleviate stress from process and clipping the length reduces blade area, thus increasing gas flow and so reducing back pressure, lowering exhaust gas temperatures, allowing safer higher boost level’s. This process also gives a secondary advantage of removing some material, lightening the turbine thus reducing rotational mass improving moment of inertia. Dyno’s have shown no little to no loss in response vs stock yet huge gains in power and torque.

Significant attention is given to port the exhaust runners at the flange to match and smooth the transition from head to exhaust runner for maximum gas speed and so improving efficiency to the turbine. Firstly by CNC then hand finished.

Actuators used are uprated sprung OE units fitted with our reinforced clamps for trouble free operation. These also can also be modified/set to customer needs and specifications.


Precisely balancing our turbochargers is a key critical factor for longevity and performance. Good balance improves acoustics also. Subsequent great care is taken with all TTE turbochargers with this regard. Firstly parts are balanced at slow speeds up to 2800RPM in multiple planes using our single parts machine, then components are assembled and then the CHRA are dynamically balanced yet again but this time at up to 250,000 RPM in multiple planes using our in house VSR machine to acquire the ultimate equilibrium, to a standard far higher than OEM. Supplied with a balance test result document.

Key Points

Genuine IHI Housings & Components
CNC Optimized Intake Pipes included
Highly Efficient Next Gen Billet Compressor Geometry
Optimized Compressor Cover Machining Clearances
CNC Port Matched Exhaust Runners
Special Curved Clipped Turbines
Genuine IHI Uprated & Reinforced Synchronized actuators
Dynamically Balanced & Supplied with test result document
Fitment As Original. Plug & Play
850+ PS Capable
Designed, Machined & Built by TTE in Germany

Installed and tuned by ADS Automotive




Installed and tuned by ADS Automotive