Audi 8P RS3 timing chain rattle and brake judder:

Today we saw another 8P RS3 in the workshop with what is becoming a couple of common issues. Firstly being a rattle coming from the engine for a few seconds especially when cold this can be increased in noise by blipping the throttle to around 2000rpm. This can be caused by a number of things including simply low/poor oil quantity/quality or in more severe cases the chain tensioner has failed resulting in less tension on the chain causing the noise. Which will require more invasive methods of repair whether is be just tensioner replacement or indeed entire chain and guide assembly.

The second common issue being judder under braking, the 8P RS3 despite having an impressive 370mm disc and 4 pot Brembo callipers is not without its problems. Audi in their infinite wisdom decided not to make the discs handed which means that only one disc will benefit from the cooling effect given from the vents. This results in excessive heat and therefore is more likely to cause warped discs which is the judder that can be felt. The repair is simply new discs and pads we do however we offer an upgrade which uses a different style of disc which are sided and a lot less likely to suffer the same issues.