In the workshop today we have been presented with A 2010 Audi A3 2.0 tdi suffering an engine management light with fault codes stored for inlet manifold flap runner control. P08213

This particular complaint isn’t uncommon on these vehicles as a quick search on Google will no doubt prove, the advice for fixing the problem however does vary considerably ranging from replacing the manifold to updating the engine ecu software.

Me personally would much refer to accurately diagnose the problem and identify the initial cause and hopefully give good advice in how to carry out a durable repair whilst applying good old fashioned common sense.

Firstly i carried out a full adaptation process which operates the flap runner through a complete drive cycle testing all the components in the circuit including the vacuum pump, vacuum lines, control solenoid. simultaneously i checked the output voltage from the potentiometer.

Inlet manifold flap runner control WP_20150310_10_53_08_ProAudi inlet Flap runner diagnostics Very quickly i established the control side was in perfect working order and that the fault was likely to be a mechanically issue internally in the inlet manifold itself.

After carrying out a full adaptation process i took the car on test drive for approx 20 miles with no fault returning.

I believe asking the customer to drive the car himself until the fault returned as good advice. There’s a high chance just carrying out adaptation has worked and would represent good value if it works.