In the workshop today we have been presented with a 2008 B8 Audi A4 suffering  a multitude of electronic faults including SRS airbag fault.

After a quick initial look and serial scan we discovered 2 fault codes pointing towards Over voltage and internal ecu fault.

Audi airbag dianostics


The obvious thing to do here is to remove and expose the Airbag module and carry out some simple tests using the multimeter to check power and ground to the module.

A quick test confirmed both power and ground are ok !

Audi Airbag diagnostics



I also checked live data from the Airbag ecu to confirm voltage was ok.



As the voltage appeared to be nominal it’s safe to assume that the the fault was internal in the SRS airbag ecu and required replacing with a new one.

We fit the later updated modified ecu part number carried out component protection and cleared down the faults and started the lovely task of reassembling the inside of the center console and trim !! :-/



Audi A4 airbag module location


Audi A4 airbag diagnostics


All back together and all faults fixed, another happy customer.