In the workshop today we have been presented with an Audi A6 2007 with a multitude of complaints and electrical problems !

  • Rear parking sensors intermittent
  • Central information display (dash) fading in and out
  • fuel gauge not working
  • Air suspension fault

Firstly I carried out  a global serial scan using Autologic and discovered many historical and current fault codes stored.

I decided to start looking at the fuel gauge located under the rear seat.

the fault code suggested a short to ground on the Fuel gauge circuit so I carried out some simple tests using  a multi meter to confirm a faulty gauge sender unit.


Audi A6 electrical diagnostics

Next I carried out tests on the reverse parking sensors, Autologic suggested the two inner sensors were sporadically faulty, I confirmed this by reversing the vehicle up to the wall and measuring the actual values which showed me the two inner sensors were giving a sporadic output. Faulty sensors can also give out an audible buzz when faulty.

The central information display was checked by again using the Autologic and carrying out a instrument check drive output test which operated different segments individually or as part of a group.

sadly all the segments worked including the central display so further tests are going to be required to prove the fault, I suspect it is just a faulty display unit but I need to be sure before replacing it as they are not cheap !!!

Last but not least i took a detailed look into the Air suspension system which are notorious for Relay malfunctions which subsequently leads to main pump failure.

Initially i raised and lowered the vehicle using the MMI interface, the vehicle was incredibly slow to respond and eventually presented us with a DTC for Pump time out due to overheat.

This would normally indicate either a weak pump or leak in the system, i also checked height calibration front and back which appeared to be out of sync.

I have advised the customer that further tests are required to confirm if whether or not there is a leak present or the pump has failed.

It is our intention to carry out a full leak test by isolating each component whilst monitoring pressure and carry out visual inspection to all pneumatic  connectors/pump assembly.

If you’re having electrical problems with your Audi then give us a call to see if we can help.

01772 201597.