ADS automotive are a specialist diagnostic company based in Preston Lancashire who corner stone speciality has always been electronic vehicle diagnostics.

Last week we were presented with an interesting vehicle namely Audi A4 2003 cab which had been previously repaired after suffering accident damage.

It was brought into the workshop with a whole host of electrical faults including when you pressed the brake pedal the reverse light would come on instead.

Due to the nature of the repairs and damage which have cured previously I decided to strip the boot lining and examine the wiring.

I quickly discovered the wiring which had been trapped and partially severed, after I stripped and repaired the loom surprisingly the fault was still present.

I then carried out a full wiring test from the central electrics module at the front of the car to the light cluster and proved the wiring was now ok.

The damaged wiring had resulted in central electrics module failure, after quickly identifying the problem we replaced the module for a new one and carried out coding and programming.

The vehicle was fully reassembled and all the electronic faults were cleared, job done and another happy customer.

If your car is suffering from electrical gremlins and you want it sorted fast then don’t hesitate to give us a call and see how we can help you today.

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