Audi RS Service Specialists: At ADS we can service everything from your Audi A1 to your Audi R8 V10+. Here today we saw in a B7 Audi RS4 a favourite here, big V8 and manual box whats not to like !?

Full service on this vehicle includes all the all the filters and spark plugs. We also clean and readapt the throttle body as they are known for carboning up. (can be seen in images below)

Before                                                                                                            After


As part of every service, any vehicle will receive a full health inspection looking at things like suspension, brakes, tyres, leaks etc. We noted on this car it’s suffering from a common problem of the DRC (Dynamic Ride Control) system leaking. Which can be an expensive repair not only in parts being Audi only but also the procedure to re-pressurise the system which to our knowledge only Audi main agents have that ability. Thankfully we can offer other avenues to go down in the form of an aftermarket upgrade, such as KW coilovers for which we are an approved supplier and installer.

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