A very common problem which can be found on all volkswagon Audi direct petrol or FSI engines is a heavy build up of carbon on the inlet valves.

The AUDI RS4 B7 4.2 V8 is no exception and can suffer asthmatic like symptoms caused by the restriction in air flow due to excessive carbon build up around the ports.

This problem if left alone can completely sap a 100 bhp from the engine leaving you with a lethargic and unresponsive throttle.

have a look at these before and after pictures of the AUDI RS4 B7 4.2 V8 we had in the workshop for inlet valve cleaning.

rs4 valve dirty rs4 valve 2

ADS in Preston who specialise in AUDI use the latest technologies to clean direct petrol FSi inlet manifold vales using polymer dissolvable beads which are totally environmentally friendly and safe to your engine.

the polymer beads are blasted into your engine using high air pressure which carefully and completely removes all carbon deposits from the inlet valves.

The leftover waste is then dissolved and extracted which leaves absolutely no residue whatsoever.

prices start at £100 per cylinder.

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