Audi C6 RS6 engine removal

In the workshop at the moment is the not too unfamiliar sight of a C6 RS6 with iit’s engine coming out for repairs. This was initially booked in for diagnosis and repair of a coolant leak which has ultimately lead to the engine removal for access to the pipes in question. Whilst on the deck we have removed 1.5 lts oil from the intercooler which would indicate worn turbo chargers so this project has already escalated in to what could be a nice stage 3 conversion which after speaking with the customer  is game on !! This project would include custom stage 3 Turbo’s, downpipes, Full exhaust and our own custom stage 3 software which we will be aiming around the 900 bhp mark !! Tasty !! None of us at ADS have figured put why but Glynn bob absolutely loves taking the engines out of these, what a nutter. But we love him all the more, he’s our hero !!

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