Sporting out new PICO diagnostics trolley !! We have in the workshop a poorly Audi A4 with a  whole host of bizarre electrical gremlins which include Horn going off constantly, wipers constantly going off, ABS Steering angle sensor fault drivers door lock malfunction and the list goes on !

Now common sense would point towards central electrics as all the problems are linked via that module, due to ease of access we popped off the drivers door card to access the CAN network to take a look at what’s going on and the answer looed to be pretty obvious.

Take a look at what we found !

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I went straight to the central electrics module which I then unplugged which restored nominal CAN signal operation, see pics

We have replaced the water damaged defective central electrics module which has restored full functionality to the vehicle. 🙂

We traced the water ingress to the electrics box which houses the ECU and harness to which we found the gasket adjoining the bulkhead had eroded and completely disintegrated allowing water to fall directly onto the electrics module. We replaced the damaged box and seal and ref fir the main engine ecu and harness.