Car of the week: Mk1 Audi TT Sport

In the workshop this week we were lucky enough to see this pristine Mk1 Audi TT sport, a rare sight on today’s roads. The gentleman that had entrusted us with his pride an joy is actually the only ever owner driving it off Chester Audi forecourt a mere 13 years ago. There are a select few unique features that were only found on the TT Sport over the standard TT which is reflected in the resale value if you were to compare the two today. For example to name a few inside where there are no rear seats and up front a pair of RECARO pole positions and alcantara trimmed steering wheel, resulting in a loss of 49kg over the standard vehicle. Standard horsepower is given a boost from 225>240bhp and given a slightly wider stance with some more aggressive wheels and stiffer suspension.



While it was in with us the customer also opted to increase the power so of course, we called upon out trusted friends at REVO to aid in that department giving a boost from the standard 240ps>265ps and 298nm>393nm !! Which was a nice noticeable jump after 13 years of the same output.