Ford Focus RS performance upgrades

In the workshop currently, we have the critically acclaimed Ford Focus RS which is having REVO stage 1 and Milltek exhaust, revo carbon air intake system fitted.

This particular car had the Ford approved mountune software installed and if I’m being honest having driven the car stock and tuned with mountune, didn’t feel much better and still suffered that terrible flat spot lower down and felt underpowered in the midrange.

REVO have obviously spent an incredible amount of time mapping and perfecting the turbo spool up characteristics which has resulted in a much more responsive and fun to drive completely eliminating that annoying lul in power. With all the hardware and revo stage 1 software this iconic ford now pushes out an impressive 380 ps and 425 llb torque !

In sport and race mode the REVO software when coupled with the Milltek exhaust now gives an awesome Crackle or pops and bangs on overrun and changing gear! An ideal feature for those who don’t like your neighbours or just like attracting attention from innocent bystanders!