Mercedes GLC 250 CDI Remap

In the workshop this week we have this lovely 2018 Mercedes GLC 250 CDI in for custom ADS stage 1 software and with only a mere 6000 miles on the clock.

From the factory, the 250 CDI has only 204bhp and for what is a medium sized SUV leaves a little to be desired. Thankfully we were able to do something about that to give it a bit more get up and go. Boosting figures to 240bhp and 550nm of torque feels a lot more spirited on the road and with increased MPG to boot winner winner !

Remapping these new vehicles is no small feat, requiring the ECU to be removed and unlocked on a bench in order to install the software file. But this something we are well versed in now and is becoming more and more common.

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