focus RS revo

In the workshop we had a Mk 2 Ford focus RS with some serious running issues and power loss problems after having stage 2 software installed and actuator fitted by another tuner. Upon further investigating the issue i quickly discovered the problem. The pre load tension on the actuator had been set at 21 psi on a forge actuator with a yellow spring. This is normally set at 11 psi, meaning thw actuator would keep the waste gate shut and cause a serious over boosting problem. I returned the vehicle to stock using REVO software and correctly calibrated the actuator at 11psi using our own gauge and cylinder leakage tester tool where we can very accurately dial in pressure.

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Once we had the actuator correctly calibrated we installed REVO stage 2 software and then i carried out several road tests whilst data logging and setting the car up. The car is now incredibly smooth and super quick peaking at 1.6 bar boost and holds 1.3 to the red line. After driving the vehicle the customer is absolutely thrilled and very happy with the drivability and performance.