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In the workshop this week we had a Manual 2016 MQB VW Golf R undergoing a full SACHS Organic performance clutch upgrade with flywheel. The Car is equipped with REVO Stage 1 software taking the stock 300ps engine to 375ps with 360lbft. This vehicle notoriously suffers from a very light clutch, which when remapped is not strong enough to cope with the extra torque causing clutch slip. Clutch slip is something that many tuned and non-tuned vehicles can suffer with.

Head mechanical technician Peter Bennie answers a few frequent questions we get asked here at ADS-

Mechanical & performance technician for ADS Automotive

What is clutch slip?

“Clutch slip is when the drive plate (Part of clutch assembly) becomes worn. It is important to have enough clamping force on the pressure plate to engage drive (see inserted video) if this isn’t achieved the driver will notice initially at motorway speeds in top gear when full throttle is applied that the revs will jump within 1500/2000rpm without any increase in road speed.”

What are the causes of clutch slip?

“There are multiple causes why clutch slip can occur, the most common are-

  1. Driver style- riding the clutch
  2. Age & mileage- clutch becomes worn over time
  3. Remapping- exceeding torque capabilities”
What is involved in a performance clutch upgrade?

When carrying out any clutch repair/upgrade its important to use the very best product for that vehicle. Genuine OE parts for non-tuned vehicles and organic/sintered performance clutches for remapped manual cars. SACHS performance clutches offer a much stronger pressure plate, more robust materials that react better to heat. Race clutches are a much more suitable durable product to match increased toque requests.

SACHS Organic clutch

What are the benefits of a SACHS organic clutch? 
  1. Ability to handle more power and torque
  2. Slightly firmer pedal giving a more driver focused engagement
  3. More durable and longer lasting for non-tuned applications

The Materials used by ZF SACHS delivers superior thermal resistance, stability and transmittable torque resulting in a longer lasting product. Opting for this product is highly recommended for tuned vehicles as well as motor sport & non remapped standard vehicles.




Signs of heat damage can be seen on the image below from the old clutch set up

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Price of work

SACHS Performance clutch upgrade with Flywheel & labour =

SACHS Performance clutch upgrade & Labour =