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Are you seeing the DPF warning light?

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The DPF warning light is usually a symptom of a fault with your vehicle, it’s rare that a clean on it’s own will solve your DPF issue. At ADS Automotive we’re experts in vehicle diagnostics and blocked DPFs. We’ll diagnose the root cause of your fault(s) and get you back on the road as soon as possible, saving you money against expensive repairs and replacements.

We are also very proud to be part of The DPF Doctor, the UK’s leading and fastest growing network of DPF specialists.


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DPF Cleaning Preston

Read some of our FAQs...
Are You Seeing The DPF Warning Light?

The DPF warning light can come on for many reasons.

In many cases, the DPF light does not actually mean that you have a fault, it can be an indication that you simply need to take the car for a journey of around 20 minutes at around 60mph to allow the vehicle to do an active regeneration. If the light go’s out after an extended drive then the DPF has successfully regenerated. However, sometimes the filter is blocked which can be caused by mostly driving slow and short journeys and a DPF clean may be necessary in this case.

If the DPF warning light stays on, or if you find that you are having to drive the car on extended journeys more often to allow regeneration there is most likely an underlying fault elsewhere.

Our staff are trained in DPF fault finding and has the knowledge to get to the root cause of the fault.
Once it is diagnosed we can resolve the issue and perform a DPF clean.

We won’t ever perform a DPF clean without diagnosing the any underlying faults that have caused the DPF light to come on. The advantage of this is that you are getting a first time fix without any guesswork.

On a regular basis we see misdiagnosed faults, customers quoted thousands of pounds for repairs or replacements and expensive, time consuming DPF removals to be sent away to be cleaned. To accurately diagnose a problem, you must fully understand how the system and any associated components work including ECU software strategies and logic.

We will clean your DPF on your vehicle and the whole process usually takes 2 to 3 hours. The time can vary and is dependant on diagnosing the problem too and any associated repairs needed. We will then reassess the car to verify a successful repair.

Once we have completed our work on your vehicle we will offer advice on future care and preventative measures.

Do you recommend DPF additives?

Yes, additives can really help to prevent DPF problems that are caused by short journeys. We recommend JLM DPF Regen Plus as a preventive additive Diesel DPF Regen Plus 250ml

For partially blocked DPF’s caused by short journeys (with no system failures) then we recommend using JLM DPF Cleaner Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner 375ml

My DPF is blocked and I’ve been informed I need a new DPF?

You may need a new DPF but it is unlikely. Everyday we see instances where we can diagnose the cause of the DPF blockage, provide a clean and have you back on the road in 2 or 3 hours. Saving our customers hundreds or even thousands of pounds from what they’ve been quoted.

Why has my DPF Light come on?

There are many reasons why a DPF warning light can come on. It may be because your vehicle has only been driving at a low revs for short distances. For a successful DPF regeneration, the vehicle needs to be driven on a journey for about 20 to 30 mins with the revs above 2,000 rpm or around 60mph. If this does not go out then please contact your us as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to fix my car if the dpf light is on?

Prices do vary depending on the cause of the fault. All of our staff are trained, experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to diagnosing a fault efficiently and accurately, thus saving you money.

Can you remove my dpf?

No, we do not offer a DPF removal or DPF delete service.

How much is a dpf clean?

As above, the cost of a DPF clean varies depending on the vehicle and the cause of the fault(s). A DPF clean without fixing the cause(s) of the DPF warning light or blocked DPF would only be temporary and a waste of money.
A DPF Clean on it’s own costs from £249(+vat).

Can you repair my dpf?

Yes, in most cases we can successfully clean your DPF to a near new condition.

I’ve been quoted over £2,000 for DPF repairs, can you help?

Yes, contact us to see how they can help.

What is a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)?

A diesel particulate filter (or DPF) is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. This reduces the particulate emissions going into our atmosphere and meet the standards required to improve our air quality.

What is a DPF Regeneration?

There are 3 types of regeneration.

Active DPF Regeneration
The active regeneration is initiated and controlled by the ECU and works off a filter load limit or sensors reading exhaust back-pressure or the ‘soot load’ of the filter, activating timing adjustments to the fuel injection which in turn increases the exhaust temperature, initiating the burning of the soot and regenerating or clearing the filter. Depending on the vehicle brand, this type of DPF regeneration can also be initiated by the vehicle ECU every 250-400 miles or so depending on vehicle use and takes around 20 minutes to complete.

Passive DPF Regeneration
Passive regeneration generally takes place on the motorway where exhaust temperatures are high enough to automatically burn off soot (5-600 degrees c) without any intervention from the ECU. Passive regeneration can also take place on shorter journeys if the car is driven at higher RPM, creating high exhaust gas temperatures. In city driving conditions a passive regeneration is unlikely to take place.

Forced DPF Regeneration
When your vehicle displays second stage DPF warning lights it will go in to ‘limp mode’ and should be seen by us as soon as possible to ascertain the extent of the problem.

A forced regeneration involves us using a computer program to run the car, initiating a regeneration of the DPF. This will often require changing the engine oil & oil filter.

Why is my DPF Regeneration failing?

It is very unusual for a DPF to fail on its own if the recommended driving conditions have been met. This is usually caused by something upstream, a mechanical defect, sensor failure or with the system software. If driving for 20 to 30 minutes at a speed of around 60mph does not clear the DPF warning light then you should get it looked at by a professional.

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    Alan Cameron
    Alan Cameron
    21:50 31 Jan 21
    Diagnosed & replaced EGR valve.Excellent service from David & the team at ADS from start to finish. Identified the... fault quickly & gave me a full run down of costs & any other things that could crop up. Got on with the job, found a couple of small issues, let me know & got them sorted at the same time. Car was ready for collection earlier than I expected & they told me to pop in for a quick check up on the ramp a week or so later to verify that there weren't any problems.Everyone at ADS was friendly & helpful & I was kept well informed throughout. I'd use them again in a more
    Andrew Pendlebury
    Andrew Pendlebury
    18:44 15 Jan 21
    From the first phone call I was very impressed with how helpful and friendly the team were. Dropping off and collection... of my vehicle was easy and super efficient. They quickly diagnosed the fault and provided me with a quote. Once given the go ahead they completed the work in next to no time!! Absolutely brilliant. We will definitely be returning- the service here is 100% better than what you receive at audi!! Thank you 😊read more
    Lesley Worden
    Lesley Worden
    11:04 06 Jan 21
    The Best!! Amazing set of lads here. They really looked after me and did a fantastic job fixing my car. I cannot... express enough just how great they all are. I was informed of everything that needed doing step by step and cost. more
    Hayley Cain
    Hayley Cain
    23:52 01 Nov 20
    I cannot fault this garage and their service, such a great and friendly team who are always there to help and assist... whatever the problem. Dave and Annette are always so helpful and knowledgeable, all the guys are always so happy to see you and make you feel so welcome. I do also have to say it is one of the cleanest and smartest looking garages I have ever been to. I feel ADS are a garage that I can trust 100% with my car and I hope to be a returning customer for years to come, I will also be recommending them far and wide to everyone I know. I love that they are active on social media so you can stay up to date with the goings on in the garage. Always a pleasure, thanks so much ADS and see you soon. Hayley and Timread more
    Graham Cookson
    Graham Cookson
    19:17 17 Sep 20
    Very friendly people to deal with, will recommend!
    S M
    S M
    10:50 11 Sep 19
    Quality customer service and top class workmanship. Very friendly, reliable and honest, at reasonable rates. A real... goldmine of a find. I will not take my Audi TT anywhere else, I have now found somewhere that I can trust. Thank you to all the team at ADSread more
    paul whiteside
    paul whiteside
    13:46 15 Jul 19
    I took my 1998 audi 80 cabriolet to ADS with a faulty electric hood.I had previously searched Google and many audi... forums to find a solution.I left the car with ADS hoping they would be able to find the fault and repair it.Talk about going above and beyond,their diagnostic man Dave took a 160 odd page document home and read it from cover to cover in his own time to get an understanding of how the hood worked and the wiring diagram.Thankfully the time spend doing this help him find the fault and repair it.I would not hesitate to use ADS again.Great customer more
    Dane Sanderson
    Dane Sanderson
    16:40 18 Jun 19
    Can only agree with all the previous reviews, took my vw transporter in today for a remap and the difference is... amazing. On top of that never been into a more friendly or helpful garage, would recommend to more
    Stephen Valassakis
    Stephen Valassakis
    14:48 24 May 19
    Great service and great price with a friendly, professional team! Recently brought my VW Golf there with a major... electrical issue. ADS automative sorted it out in less than 24 hours at a great price with permanent results using there thermal imaging technology. Would recommend to anyone looking for automotive help. I will definitely be using the team in the future for my automotive and MOT needs! Thanks guysread more
    Peter Ball
    Peter Ball
    06:59 26 Apr 19
    Stuck on the M6 with a family of 4, no VW dealership would help us out. ADS came to the rescue and stayed open late to... sort out the issues. 5 star results from a great bunch of guys - THANK YOU!!!read more
    I W
    I W
    22:02 24 Apr 19
    Fantastic professional experience with these guys. Booked a remap in yesterday, done today within 3 hours! Extra 36bhp... and more torque and a bacon butty thrown in ???? happily recommend to more
    Mark Earnshaw
    Mark Earnshaw
    02:36 05 Apr 19
    Fantastic service, very welcoming and efficient. ADS demonstrates what customer care is all about and I will certainly... be using them in the more
    Glenn Stephenson
    Glenn Stephenson
    13:32 29 Jan 19
    Thank you ADS for an efficient, rapid service with a knowledgeableand friendly team. I recently bought an Audi A3... e-tron from a dealer in Derby and had it checked with a local Audi main dealer, both issuing incorrect reports after "health checks". After ADS work, the car is fixed and is now like new with no problems. more
    Paul Sharples
    Paul Sharples
    21:13 13 Jan 19
    Took my BMW 116d down for remapping and health check after a recommendation. The service I received was second to none,... guys kept me fully informed throughout the process. Facilities were spotless and looked amazing. At the end of the day I got back my remapped car with amazing performance and full explanations of what they had done. Great place, highly recommend and my new place for anything car related. I may not have handed over a 30, 40 or 50 grand car for them to work with but they treated me as if I had and gave a real personal touch, Thanks guys ..... 5 stars ???? Iread more
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