The new MQB Platform Diesel engine is a fantastic engine to remap

REVO Stage 1 really brings out the best of that car in performance, drive-ability and usability.

Stock power = 184ps (181bhp)

Stock Torque= 280 lbft

Stage 1 Revo power= 236ps (233bhp)

Stage 1 Revo torque = 380 lbft


We have also carried out some subtle aesthetic enhancements to the car.

We have fitted a Non-resonated Stainless steel Cat back system from Milltek sport to enhance the sound

We have also fitted a Revo carbon fiber intake system and Revo panel filter to complete the look and allow cold air access the engine efficiently for consistent performance.


The Milltek Stainless steel Cat-Back system also benefits from a significant wait saving as well as fitting seamlessly onto your current standard exhaust system.


On the Left- the New Milltek Cat back Non-Resonated system

On the right the Original SEAT Cat-Back system

Before and After Milltek

If you like any of the modifications carried out and would like any more information including prices please call the workshop on 01772 201597 or email