Transporter T5 2.5 camshaft and tappet wear:

In recent months we have seen an influx of Transporter T5 2.5 suffering from excessive wear on the camshaft and hydraulic tappets. They tend to be higher mileage examples in excess of 150k we would say until you want to think about getting them checked.

Often caused by poor servicing and also the incorrect grade of oil is used, the most obvious symptom is a popping noise through the airbox this happens when a tappet has collapsed entirely.

Can be a costly repair dependant how quickly you catch it, as excessive wear on camshaft can be caused which will need replacing, along with the tappets and bearings.

Can be seen on images below where the tappet face isn’t smooth and the centre is starting to come through these were not far from collapsing.

The repair will include new tappets, new camshaft, new bearings and always wise to do an oil and filter change with the correct specification of oil.