VW Transporter T5 boost error P256300

This week we saw a Volkswagen T5 2.0CR TDI in for a boost issue. Initially, a serial scan was carried out which resulted in the following fault codes:

  • P023600 Charge air pressure sensor implausible signal
  • P029900 Charge pressure control – value below lower control limit
  • P023800 Turbo/Supercharger boost sensor A circuit high
  • P011300 Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor G42 signal too high
  • P256300 Charge pressure actuator position sensor implausible signal

Initially we carried out a full under bonnet health check which highlighted an issue with wiring to several components which we rectified and continued with our diagnostics.

Eventually after a prolonged test drive the vehicle engine light would flash and go into limp mode with a re occurring fault of P2563 Charge air pressure sensor implausible signal. After further and extensive diagnostic tests we isolated the fault and carried a repair and so far we have covered over 30 miles on test drive without fault.


Another satisfied customer. 🙂