Here at ADS in Preston we specialise in diagnosing and repairing turbo systems whether it’s turbo diesel or petrol.

ADS have specialised in performance tuning and engine remapping for the past 40 years and have a unique knowledge of how Turbos work.

we can very quickly and accurately diagnose your turbo problem and avoid unnecessary repair bills.

its vital as with any repair not only to fix the problem but to correctly identify the initial cause to prevent future and premature failure saving you money.

more often than not the single and most common cause of turbo failure is abuse and insufficient servicing, after any turbo repair we will ensure your vehicle is fully and correctly serviced and any remaining debris which may be found in the intercooler is fully removed and cleaned.

Common faults associated with turbo failure

  • 00665 boost pressure regulation control range not reached ,
  • p0299 upper limit reached
  • p0234

Symptoms may include

  • noisy turbo
  • lacking power intermittently

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